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The one thing that I found about the students is that they do not provide the enough knowledge and writing skills. Nowadays, Most of the students approaches to online help for essay writing, thesis writing, or even for Personal statement writing. This is the main disadvantage that causes students writing skills. And writing skill is the main part of academic.

Education plays a very important role in our life. It is necessary that people gain education and put it into effect. It is not important only for good earning and status of life but manners and thinking are also affected by education. So, educated also brings a sense of responsibility in people.

our educational system is “broken.” It does a very decent job of preparing students for the real world, the world beyond the classroom. part of the issue here is that we have evolved into a society of very diverse student populations, including cultures, languages, learning styles and unique needs. The educational system is usually greatly influenced by lawmakers who have never set foot in a classroom and although they mean well, do not understand what the average teacher deals with on a daily basis. One way of learning does not work for everyone; one size does not fit all!~ Technology appears to be a great leveler of the playing field. It addresses visual, auditory and tactile learners. It crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries. Students enjoy using smart phones, media and gaming and if we incorporate more of these robust tools into our teaching, it will engage students…

An educated person does not trust everyone blindly. They take time to build the trustworthy relation with everyone. An educated person has skills that help them to use their knowledge in a productive way. They have also know where they should use their knowledge into the call of action

Focus On Their Interests and Skills. We all naturally gravitate towards things we’re interested in and are good at. …
Help Them Find Purpose. …
Look to Career Aptitude Tests. …
Find Them a Mentor.

Education is considered an important input for the development of a nation because of the following reasons :
1. Education endows people with quality
skills, thereby enhancing their productivity. Consequently, it enhances income earn¬ing capacities and creates opportunities for the people. Moreover, it also enables human capital to utilize the available physical capital optimally.
2. Education develops the mental abilities of people and helps them to make their choice rationally and intellectually. Education churns out good citizens by inculcating values in them.
3. An educated public of a nation has greater
acceptability of modernization and modern techniques. This not only helps the economy to grow but also facilitates a primitive economy to break the shackles of tradition and backwardness.
4. Education enhances the income earning capacity of people thereby raising the standard of living and improving the quality of living.
5. Education not only increases the income
earning capacity but also reduces the skewed distribution of income, thereby forming an egalitarian society.
6. It fosters economic development by increasing
the participation of people in the process of growth and development.

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