Why Fateh Group Is Different

There is a very strong between students, parents and management.There is a strong bond of emotions, feeling, mutual understanding, between students, management and parents faculty members always try to strengthen this bond by their effective teaching and counseling..

All Round progress of the students is the main agenda of the management of Fateh College. Management plays the role of protector of its students.Aims, goals and big ideals are useless without the good spirit to achieve them. Our vision is very much clear. 

Ours plans and strategies are on goal oriented. Discipline is not a mere slogan for the student of Fateh College, they follow it from the core of their hearts. Good teachers are the back bone of any educational organization. 

Our teachers try their level best to sort out the day to day problems of the students related to their studies and lives.Sed condimentum nibh ipsum, et iaculis arcu dignissim in. Nam neque risus, lobortis eget tincidunt vitae!

Fateh College is discharging it’s responsibility for the betterment of its students as well as will take a appropriate steps in future which will be a more beneficial for the students.It has been seen most of the student choosing their stream / courses without having deep knowledge of career due to lack of guidance. 

Thus we have organized career guidance cell which is being controlled by well educated, experienced, faculty which helps the students time to time to the decision regarding their career according their interest, capability and financial condition. 

To meet this object, college organizes counseling camps in which experts of national and international standards are invited. We at Fateh College aspire to establish a system of quality assurance which would on a continual basis of evaluation and training improve teaching learning process and ultimately develop the institute as a centre of excellence.