Fateh Group of Institutions, the seed of which was sown in 2012, is growing day by day. If I’m not wrong it has become a full grown tree with the age of 8 years. This is an institute for girls, who wish to succeed in life, who are ambitious. 

The motto “Excellence for All, Excellence from All” foresees the relationship among the students and the staff, for the overall development of not only students but staff also. Joseph Addison has rightly quoted-:

“What a sculpture is to block of Marble, Education is to human Soul.”
Educational institute should build the environment so as to groom the student’s personality. There is a lot of difference between Literacy and Education. Literacy is the study of syllabus whereas education is meant for social, economical and personal upliftment of students. Education imparts the overall development.

Fateh Group ponders over the idea of ambiance where our ancient cultural heritage and human skills are enhanced. We at Fateh Group impart the service of humanity, by creating personally mature, professionally equipped, and service oriented graduates. 

We, here, believe strongly in excellence in not only academics, but also on discipline, punctuality, sports and extra -curricular activities. Here we try to enable a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead asuccessful life. 

The Main objective of this institution is hard work, all round development, a strong emphasis on team work and sense of responsibility. We teach our students moral values, thinking skills and growth of mind –set in the inquisitive learning environment. Performance learning, a pedagogy,

 which enables the teacher to instill learning in students, sharing and imparting an opportunity to contribute in well-being of not only institute but society also.We wish all our students and their respective parents all success in life.