Fateh Group of Institutions

Aspire to be one among the preferred institute in India engaged in shaping globally competent and chiseled educationists and managers so as to emerge as an island of excellence.


Our institute believes in the new approach to provide education to the students.

Develop the inner qualities

The essence of real education means to develop the inner qualities of the students.


Our thoughts and ideology is based on to make the students self dependent from inter independence.

Producing talent

The college believes in producing such talented teachers from the student who would change the present scenario of giving education

College develops student's voice

College develops the critical thinking, critical reading and critical writing among the students.

Bring revolutionary changes

Our endeavor is to make the student fearless and to bring revolutionary changes in their thoughts.

Educational Trip

Sports Activites


Best Academic Staff

We enable the student for critical thinking critical reading and critical writing.

There would be dire need of those teacher and students in the society to depict the society in a noble way.

To promote Research, Development and consultancy programme.

Research Development and Consultancy has been formed to promote research, development and consultancy in this institute and motivate staff and students to undertake research projects through programs/awards/incentives. We are guides staff and students to address issues of research as well as organize programs to infuse research culture among the staff and students. It helps to explore the in-house expertise in various subjects and use it to provide consultancy. Our endeavor is to bring out the students sensitivity, emotions, creativity and understanding of the human being and could those qualities to help them to tread on the literary path and to make them literary innovative.

Wi Fi College Campus

The institute is spread over an area of seven acres away from the humdrum urban life and is provided with the latest electronics & communication gadgets. All this, coupled with natural beauty and tranquility makes us ready to embrace the new trends & technologies for the overall progress of the institute

Science Labs

There are three different labs related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology and all of these labs are equipped with the latest practical materials.  Our main goal is to make science and rational reasoning accessible to students in this bar.

Psychology Lab

Psychology studies are offered at this institute. There is very little & faculty rarely studied in another sister institute.  We have set up a psychology lab here that focuses on personality studies such as intelligence, brain and matter, behavioral and behavioral-studies.  Verbal and Non-Verbal tests are also performed regularly.

Fashion Technology Lab

A three year degree course called B.sc in Fashion Technology is being run at this institute and it is basically related to self generated employment. The latest trend setter sewing equipments is installed. This lab is worth visiting and it opens new vistas of knowledge with reference to trends in fashion.

Your time at Fateh Group of institutions is a great opportunity to meet people,try new things and develop your interests.


College canteen and general store facility:

A neat and clean airy and very well vantilated college canteen stuffed with good quality eatables and cold drinks has been made available the students and teachers alike affordable competitive rates. Books and stationary items are also available to the students.

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Educational Institute wholesome personality. enables people a better life. plays an important role in the social, economic and personal upliftment of the self. If an institution is able to fulfill the true objectives of education then onlya person is considered to be truly educated. The Economical factor of education enables a person to be a bread winner and economically independent. Education not only makes a person socially or economically independent but also politically and aestheticallyexpressive.