1) Student is responsible to deposit the fees in time, this chart is the only way to notify the students. She is responsible, if delays to deposit fees in time. The notice board in the (school/college) will provide the due dates for the convenience of the students. Late fees or fine will be imposed as per university rules in case of not paying fees in time.

2) This fee form is mandatory at the time of depositing fee.

3) Transport fee is not included in the above-mentioned fee.

4) Concession will be provided to the students who apply with full details/Managing director at the time of admission or within 10 days of admission. Without written application and proper proof no concession will be given, in case of more installments than in the form, student should write an application to Chairman/MD and is liable to pay fee as per the fixed set of installments.

5) In case of scholorship/quota (meritorious, sports, talented, financially weak or handicapped students) student should obey all rules and regulations of the school/college, if she disobeys or not follows the discipline or rules of college, she is liable to pay fee of last three years (full course) and also has to pay fine and full fee.

6) If any scholorship/quota holder is unable to get the required documents for availing the scholorship/quota, her application for the same will be nullified.

7) If any scholorship/quota holder fails to pay the installments on time, the concession given will be discarded and she has to pay full fee.

8)The student who secure more than 85% in 10/12th will be given special scholarship in cash

9) If scholorship/quota holder leaves in between the session or full course (2-3 years), she has to pay full fee irrespective of any concession or scholarship.

10) 5% Concession in the fee to the students who pay full fee at the time of admission in one insatllment.

11) Board/University fee is liable to change Board/University rules.

12) In case of SC/ST students, the full information has been provided to the students as well as parents. The fee will be charged as per government rules for SC/ST. Full fee will be charged in case government fails to pay or pays less than promised.

13) SC/ST students are responsible themselves to fill the post-metric scholarship form as well as to provide all documents required.

14) In case the application form falls short of any information, full fee will be charged on students.

15) The scholorship/quota will only be for recurrent year. The concession will be given for one year only and not for full course (2-3 years).